Charlotte AbiEzzi

Crowned Miss Lebanese Emigrants 2019

Are you of Lebanese descent through your mother or your father?

 Are you between 18 and 25 years of age? Then what are you waiting for to participate in the election of Miss Lebanese Emigrant in USA? You will get to represent USA as its beauty queen and join the other beauty queens of the other countries and areas of the Diaspora in the final beauty contest in Lebanon!
Your trip to Lebanon will be covered by the World Lebanese Cultural Union Texas Council that is organizing the Beauty Queen contest of 2023 in Houston.
Would you like to be called Queen and wear the crown on your head? And receive countless valuable gifts?

All this and more will happen in a big celebration featuring artistic performances at Houston’s largest 5-star ballroom.
Candidates will be trained by specialist to glide on the catwalk and guided by hair specialists and makeup artists to look their best. They will choose the most elegant and flattering evening gowns and become one with the stars.